We create the magic of sound

AUDIO MERLIN supplies audio equipment from leading manufacturers of high-end audio equipment and accessories::
EMM Labs, Meitner, Dyrholm Audio, Pink Faun, Raidho Acoustic, Scansonic, Soulnote

We located in Saudi Arabia
D/A Converters, Streamers, Pre Amplifiers, Amplifiers
D/A Converter, Pre Stereo
Audio Mini Monitors, Stand Mount Loudspeaker, Floor Standing Loudspeaker
Innovative loudspeakers in elegant Scandinavian design
Integrated Amplifiers, Equalizers, D/A Converters, Mono/Stereo Amplifiers
2.16 Ultra Streamer
Audio Merlin is the official distributor and dealer of Hi End brands
EMM Labs, Meitner, Pink Faun, Raidho Acoustics, ScanSonic, SoulNote.

Located in Saudi Arabia.
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