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PRE Stereo Preamplifier

Based on the EMM Labs reference preamplifier, the Meitner PRE includes a non-contact switching system and discrete dual balanced signal paths. Its patented software-based analog volume control ensures zero signal bandwidth degradation across the entire volume range, and its powerful Class A stage makes it effortless to manage cables and loads. Featuring a highly efficient, low-noise power system, Meitner PRE delivers unparalleled performance so you can listen to your music collection even after curfew.

Meitner PRE has 3 pairs of analog stereo inputs:

1 pair balanced (XLR)
2 pairs unbalanced (RCA)

as well as two pairs of stereo outputs:

1 pair balanced (XLR)
1 pair unbalanced (RCA)

Both balanced and unbalanced outputs can be used simultaneously to create versatile configurations, such as connecting balanced outputs to a main amplifier and unbalanced outputs to a subwoofer or headphone amplifier.

Specification----Key Features

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Key Features

  • 3 pairs of stereo analog inputs: 1 pair balanced, 2 pairs single-ended
  • 2 pairs of stereo analog outputs: 1 pair balanced, 1 pair single-ended
  • Contactless switching
  • Discrete signal paths
  • Pure class-A power to drive cables and loads without degradation
  • Proprietary software-driven analog volume control
  • User-friendly control system featuring 3 volume presets per inputs and balance control
  • High-efficiency power supply for silent and eco-friendly operation
  • DC protection circuit
  • RS232 interface for system upgrades and remote commands

PRE Stereo Inside and Power

Power Supply: Power factor corrected, Universal 90V-260V, 50/60Hz, Power consumption: max. 50W, CE Approved

Personal Audio Design

With its redesigned analog and digital systems, integrated high resolution volume control, discrete componentry, and user-friendly operation, the PRE Stereo can be connected directly to the amplification stage in any high fidelity system with ease.


Digital inputs:

S/N ratio: Better than 116 dB at 4V RMS output (20kHz bandwidth)

THD: less than 0.004%

Frequency range: 0Hz-200kHz

Gain control range: 74dB

Maximum input level: +18 dBu (6.2V RMS)

System gain: +6dB

Input impedance:

20kΩ balanced (XLR)

10kΩ single-ended (RCA)

Output impedance:

150Ω balanced (XLR)

75Ω single-ended (RCA)

Dimensions (W x D x H:):

435 x 400 x 92mm / 17.13 x 15.75 x 3.62in


7.43kg / 16.39lbs net (with remote control)


Fine bead blasted front panel available in silver or black

Designed and Manufactured in Canada

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